Towards A More Human-Centric View of Technology

One of the motivations for using the term meshverse is to shift the terminology of the post-web internet to be more human-centric so that more people can squeeze more value out of the technologies. Currently, most internet technologies are greatly underutilized because people don’t understand them. For example, many people consider the Internet to be synonymous with the Web but that’s just not the case. It’s understandable how this misperception came to be because the terminology of the Internet and Web is very technology-centric and people naturally prefer to use concepts and terms rooted in their daily experiences. People manage to wade through terms like SMTP and POP3 in order to use email but it isn’t comfortable and doesn’t leave them receptive to embracing something new and useful like webmail.

We can do better and if we choose more human-centric terminology as we transition from the Web more people will be empowered. GriotVision is the collection of interlinked stories accessible via the electronic convergence of people, places, things and events called The Meshverse. We can make it that simple. Sure there will be a need to map the specifications to human concepts, but technically trained people are in the best position do that, plus we have to do it anyway. There’s precedence for this approach – nobody needs to know about SMPTE in order to use their television.


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