The Art of The Bottom Line

One night, while Lipsky, who runs a nonprofit arts group, watched TV with his wife, an avatar art guide named Nata Clutterbuck sold a drawing he’d imported to Second Life. At a recent event in Filthy’s Warehouse, he sold $275 worth of virtual drawings and a real drawing for $325.

“I’m bringing my real art to the virtual space. Now I’m bringing things from the virtual space into real life and bringing it back to the virtual life,” Lipsky says. “It’s wild.”

Boston Globe – Leading A Double Life

This makes me think of an often quoted passage from a William Gibson novel

“the street finds it’s own uses for things”

At the same time experts and analysts seek out a few killer applications like Practical 3D Telepresence, regular folk, driven by necessity and empowered increasingly more sophisticated access to the means of producing goods and services are changing the face and pace of innovation. The artistic vision of the Star Trek hand-held communications device was pretty far removed from the creation of the cell phone. Today, artists are directly participating the evolution of things like Second Life and 3D Printing.


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