The Real Value Of YouTube

Synopisis: A fair amount of the money goes to settle copyright infringment suits.

Dave Winer’s take on Mark Cuban’s post on the Google-YouTube deal

This thread of discussion misses the point – a new paradigm is being born and Google is positioning to become a major petri dish for it. YouTube is the other shoe dropping as they’ve already made significant moves into the virtual world paradigm. Tim O’Reilly put it plainly this past summer:

It’s also clear that Google Earth is entering into the same territory as Second Life. It’s so easy to imagine all of the alpha geek behavior on Second Life hitting the mainstream via people building real-world equivalents on Google Earth. And it’s easy to imagine interoperability, with virtual worlds adopting KML, so that first and second life become interoperable and connected. (I was going to ask about the Google Earth/Second Life connection with sketchup as the connector, since it seems so obvious to me, but the first question from the audience beat me to it. It’s impossible to miss this idea.)

Google Earth, SketchUp and Second Life

(emphasis mine)

People are already experimenting with exporting from SketchUp and importing into Second Life and lots of folks are talking about it. I love what Tim O’Reilly also says:

Real and virtual are definitely on a collision course. I’m hoping that we can get more interoperability between the two, so that the streams of innovation merge like hydrazine and liquid oxygen, fueling a rocket to the future.

That’s what The Meshverse is all about!


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