How Do You Like Your Coffee?

We will soon be in the middle of a blizzard of tiny computers embedded into everyday items and constantly talking to each other.

Welcome to the so-called ‘internet of things’ which will replace today’s internet of people and data. Everyday items from TVs to toothbrushes, sports equipment and even buildings will have in-built computing power and wireless that will allow them to communicate and share information.

The first stage of this “ubiquitous computing” is the use of RFID, and according to Mannings it’s pretty hard to think of anything that you can’t add to the network.

As a result we will find ourselves living in a “digital bubble” where as people move around, the technology and the services they use will follow them because it knows where they are – for example, every coffee machine might be able to know how you like your coffee without being told.

RFID Heralds The Internet of Things


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  1. […] I remember when Dave first made this prediction back in 1997. I thought then it was on the money and like others involved in virtual worlds, I still do, though there are protocols beyond http that need to emerge. I wonder how Dave likes his coffee? […]

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