A Space Shuttle For Our Mind

A computer connected via the web is by far more powerful than a standalone desktop machine and the meshverse amplifies that power even more. If a computer amplifies the mind in the way that a bicycle amplifies locomotive force, the original web was a railroad, Web 2.0 a jet aircraft and the meshverse is a space shuttle! While it’s important to maintain some perspective on the computer/bicycle metaphor(see this Alan Kay Interview), the core idea is a very powerful and practical one. The latest round of tools such as the Google Reader are making it more accessible. Following this excellent, step-by-step screencast, anyone who can use a web browser can greatly amplify their ability to get the information they want in a timely manner. This is not a watered down version – seasoned bloggers are using it too. If you came upon this post via a regular web link and don’t know or care much about RSS, treat yourself to a ride with Google Reader!



  1. Laurence said

    Firefox 2.0 simplifies things even further.

  2. […] UPDATE:Many people felt that Snap Preview was annoying and the feature was removed. You may have noticed that when you move your mouse over a link here now, a preview of the destination pops up using something called Snap Preview Anywhere. I was led to this after a good buddy of mine sent a link to Cooliris which will show previews of any site. This is another mind amplifier that like tabbed browsing really helps you get more done in less time as you travel the meshverse. […]

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