A Key To Business Success In Second Life

There’s an excellent introduction to business in Second Life closes with an extremely valuable observation:

“What’s interesting and scary for advertisers is that Second Life is a living and breathing ecosystem, and to be successful within the space, you have to participate in it,” says Second Life’s Smith. “Second Life is a collaborative social environment, and the best way to take full advantage of it is to dive in and participate.”
USA Today

This was true to some extent when the web first started to become a commercial hotspot. However, Web 1.0 was basically just an extension of the print media everyone is familiar with. Plus the web is primarily a solitary environment where you read and bookmark at your own leisure. Today, the rich multimedia collaborative social space of Second Life is more like a new foreign market where one has to pick up on and adapt to the nuances of a new language and culture. Listening to what actual and potential customers ask about Second Life has made these nuances more apparent to me. The ongoing quest for the bottom line business value of location is deeply intertwined with culture – it’s hard to do business in a neighborhood where you don’t speak the language and understand the culture.


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