The Street On Second Life

The Street has a number of valuable Second Life stories:

  • Charting Second Life’s Growth – sums up the Economic Stats blogged up by Linden Lab’s CFO
  • Second Life’s Michael Milken – explores the evolution of virtual corporate bonds in SL
  • A Helping Hand For the Virtual World – this one captures the flow of where things are going:
    • Second Life “is an ideal vehicle for conducting business in the global economy,” says Aaron Delwiche, one of the founders of Metaversatility. “Fifteen years ago, email was a fringe technology. Today, it’s impossible to imagine conducting business without it. Many analysts predict that virtual worlds will follow a similar path.”
  • Second Life Mints It’s First Millionaire – Virtual landlord has $1M of entirely in-world assets. If you’re having trouble dealing with this, here’s the cure:
    • say “the virtual is real
    • repeat this phrase as frequently as possible
    • then as it gets easier to deal with, say it once a day or as needed.
  • ABN Amro Goes Virtual – This Dutch bank has a presence in SL and is contemplating offering virtual loans!(the above-mentioned cure will work for this too 🙂 )

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