Viral vs Exponential Growth and the Meshverse Paradigm

I agree with the author of MySpace Viral Growth Numbers that “true viral growth” isn’t inherently exponential but rather only starts out that way. It is worth noting however that “true” paradigm shifts like the web and the meshverse, create entirely new market segments and impact many different ones. MySpace was just an extension of an existing paradigm, whereas Second Life is the precursor of a truly new paradigm. As part of the Meshed-up Jungle, Second Life growth isn’t likely to level out soon as they will get a substantial number of the 100’s of millions of members at MySpace, AOL, MSN and GoogleEarth who aren’t willing to wait for a virtual world-based social space. Moreover, social-networks aren’t even the largest part of the meshed-up jungle of the meshverse! Many more billions of spatially oriented devices capable of processing information and communicating are about to join the party using RFID, GPS, and the electric power grid. The meshverse is also what will fuel the emergence of desktop manufacturing, which like desktop publishing before it will spawn a sizable new industry. The meshverse is not viral but exponential and whether one agrees with Kurzweil’s Singularity premise or not, it’s appears that we’re on the cusp of some very high impact change.



  1. […] Although it’s not possible to accurately predict what forms this convergence will take, let alone what companies and products will bring nanoscale technology to the meshverse, it’s clear that we’re already on the way. […]

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