Ross Dawson

I’ve been following Ross’s work for several years now and he’s often has good insights into meshverse kinds of topics. Here’s what he’s had to say about Second Life:

NS: What do you make of virtual environments and their impact on companies?

RD: The development of virtual worlds, such as Second Life, is still at a very early stage. Within the next decade they will begin to play a massively important role in society and business, providing a space where people can interact in ways that mimic real life. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review discussed marketing in virtual worlds; this is a prelude to far more attention being paid to this important topic. Business as well as social interactions will routinely happen in virtual worlds. This provides new ways both to identify influencers, and to participate in the new flow of messages and ideas.

Ross Dawson Aug. 2006

We are exploring and discovering who we become as individuals and a society through using the new tools of social media. Second Life is a powerful manifestation of this, and we can expect to live significant parts of our life in alternative worlds.

Ross Dawson Sept 2006 


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