Believe The iPhone Hype

iPhone will reinvent the telecom sector and more!


The iPhone is so hot I had to say something right away. Now with a little drive time to reflect and a chance to see the presentation and listen to Wall Street, I’d say this is bigger than anyone has said thus far. It’s potential has been compared to the original Mac and to the iPod, but it’s bigger than both. Why? Timing, OS/X and the meshverse paradigm.

The Meshverse Paradigm

Last June talking about the convergence of the virtual world paradigm and mobile devices I said:

G-Stick is the next phase beyond iPod video, Treo and other hand held devices.


In the future with the emerging paradigm, the market simply won’t put up with an array of mobile devices when one will suffice. With a growing internet of things meshed together wirelessly, one easy-to-use and program device will be needed to configure and manage all of the others for which robust user-interface or storage don’t make sense. A single device will be used for everything from household robots, toys and video cameras to sprinkler, entertainment and security systems.


It rocks and is a rock solid networking platform – reliability will be key for the role described above and OS/X’s open source core is proven. It’s media savvy and enjoyable – Windows comparison commercials are pretty accurate 🙂

NOTE: I have run both Windows and Mac for over a decade and currently run Windows XP(daily) and 2000(less and less often).

More significantly, OS/X means that developers of all types will be able to customize iPhones and develop iPhone solutions. Experienced developers will be able to cleanly and deeply integrate mobile capabilities in ways that just aren’t possible with today’s limited capability phones.

Coming at a time when the meshverse paradigm is picking up steam, Second Life is moving to open source and when Windows is stumbling really boosts iPhone’s potential impact. All of the points made above are amplified by this timing. As people ponder whether to upgrade to Vista, iPhone capabilities will get the Mac a closer look. This may make for a significant increase in Mac desktop and server sales even in the corporate world. By significant I mean double – or more. There are an awful lot of those Windows 98 and Windows 2000 virus ridden machines in use and they’ll have to upgrade in the next 2 years. For many folks online solutions such as Google spreadsheet and word processing are good enough for their basic needs and everything else they do is over the web anyway so why not switch and lose the virus headache? Microsoft server sales won’t be strongly impacted, but between Web 2.0, Second Life and OS/X, Vista sales may plummet.

iPhone is a disruptive product offering.


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