The Meshverse Is More Than 3D

On Monday, IBM announced plans to build virtual stores for Sears Holdings Corp. and Circuit City Stores Inc. in the popular online world Second Life. The partnerships could help IBM expand its consulting services to corporate clients interested in the growing number of people who belong to immersive online environments, also called the “3-D Internet.”

MSNBC IBM Launches Push Into Virtual World

(thanks for the link Lee!)

3D is an essential part of the meshverse because, well, it’s a central part of the universe we inhabit so people’s bodies, things and places really are best modeled in 3D. However, the events, the flow of activities that provide meaning and purpose do not have well-known, let alone obvious 3D counterparts. The convergence of electronic activities(including that which goes on in the human nervous system) taking place when a group of people are in a virtual venue just isn’t inherently 3D. The label “3D Internet” like “metaverse” leaves out the most important stuff that makes the meshverse valuable – people, their ideas, actions and the accompanying flow of bits that bring them to life. We’ve got a chance to get the name right for this next phase and to that end I intend to very shortly make clear that the term is generic and available for general use.


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