Why Cisco Will Settle With Apple

In a sentence, they need Apple more than Apple needs them. Cisco is new in the consumer market and they know it. In “Cisco’s Future In The Digital Home” CEO John Chambers repeats over and over that things are too complex and need to be simpler. The Cisco iPhone is not simple, sexy or deeply powerful. Ciscos’s product may be well positioned amongst traditional competitors but the Apple iPhone is what Cisco’s wants to be when it grows up. That’s why they were at the table just before the announcement anyway. OTOH, why would Apple want to share the name with the Cisco iPhone? The more attention that is focused on the suit and the longer it goes on, the more scrutiny Cisco’s iPhone will get and the more obvious it will become how advanced Apple’s product is. They can’t get enough money from Apple to make it worthwhile, but they probably can get the sweet developer licensing deal Steve has under wraps ;-). Perhaps Apple won’t even have to sweat the big stuff.


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