Apple Appliances: Computer Included

Apple has managed to stay above the 5 percent market share point in the US for two consecutive quarters (they were at 4.8 percent for the second quarter of 2006). That’s a high-water point for the company this decade and its ability to grow much faster than the rest of the market bodes well for the future of Mac OS X as well as its desktops and laptops.

According to Apple’s own figures, over 50 percent of its retail store sales during the third quarter of 2006 were to people who had not previously owned a Mac. That trend continued during the fourth quarter, as Apple’s research showed that over half of the Macs sold during that time were to people new to the platform.

Ars technica

This trend will likely continue as people who primarily use their desktops for network interaction see little reason to upgrade to Vista. Next time you’re near an Apple store, go in and watch people wide-eyed, ooohing and ahhhing and it’s easy to see why.Apple TV, iPod, iPhone and other small footprint devices look nice and integrate well. iMacs look nice and take up less space. Double digit market share for Apple is within reach – a nice side business to be in!


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