Resistance Is Futile

Second Life is a very powerful phenomena. Some people hate it on first sight and refuse to even try it out. Others are hooked immediately. For many people, SL is so compelling that they figure the safe thing to do is just stay away and avoid getting hooked. For example, CNN Technology reporter Kristie Lu Stout has a very positive experience in Second Life but ends her article with:

But will I go back?
Probably not. I have enough dramas in the real world.

CNN: A Virtual Me? I’ll second that

What she and so many others don’t realize is that the virtual is real(oh my, did I just say that again?!). In time the meshverse will be so deeply intertwined with the part of reality which is tangible, that you won’t always be able to make a distinction between the two. Eventually, nanotech will blur that difference even more. The social implications of that are enormous. Rather than attempt to deny the inevitable, perhaps embracing the change, helping to shape it will prove more satisfactory.


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