In my last post, I implied that nanotech will play a key role in the evolution of the meshverse. While at first glance, that may seem a bit speculative, I’ve writing about this since 2002 and more recently pointed out the near-term business case for linking information and nanoscale technologies. Ray Kurzweil recently pointed out the intersections between information and other technologies, concluding:

A primary implication of the nanotechnology revolution is that physical technologies, such as manufacturing and energy will become governed by the law of accelerating returns. All technologies will become information technologies including energy.

The Singularity Is Near

I coined the term meshverse to better describe the paradigm I’m developing the GriotVision platform for. GriotVision also points to this same convergence in the broader context of industries:

It seems likely that the GriotVision multicasting ecosystem(or something similar) will absorb the various “industries” which currently dominate computing, communication, media and consumer electronics. Eventually, it will become part of the fabric of all existing and new industries.

About GriotVision

Although it’s not possible to accurately predict what forms this convergence will take, let alone what companies and products will bring nanoscale technology to the meshverse, it’s clear that we’re already on the way.


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