$100 Billion Meshverse Opportunity

Mitch Kapor in an interview by Reuters at the Davos World Economic Forum in Second Life said that virtual worlds(not just Second Life), are a $100 billion opportunity. Here are my unedited notes.

people will be able to host their own servers/land … the business model will have to evolve beyond just land … transactions will become a bigger part of the business model




Is it just an escape?

  • charity fundraising
  • support groups
  • political action

takes time

in it for the long term

cooperation between Mozilla and Second Life

Slams Mark Cuban for not creating any value during the bubble

the SL economy will eventually have as big an impact on the global economy as the internet economy has

Mixed reality events – the virtual is real!!! a mind altering experience as the universe expands to include the virtual

email used to be exotic


market kendall


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