All the News That’s Real?

Rabid video gamers could get some help keeping in touch with the outside world this weekend as Nintendo Co. launches an online news service through its popular Wii console. … “It kind of makes sense for other types of content to be made available on the Wii.”CNN Technology

One wonders how long it will be before live news feeds will be incorporated into gameplay so virtual characters will provide human players with news they can take action on. Reuters already has a full-time reporter in Second Life reporting on current events but that is outside the flow of a game’s storyline. Once connected to gameplay, virtual news will provide an opportunity for people to explore the impact of different choices. What are the ramifications for business, education, law and politics? The potential for learning seems very significant but there are pros and cons as with most things. How will game players distinguish between actual and fictional news? This could be problematic in both the game world and the world of flesh but I think as long as we don’t ignore the potential downsides, the positives will far outweight them.


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