The Virtual Is Real – Just Ask Castronova

Yeah, I know – yet another TVIR but hey, gotta keep it real 🙂 Seriously, business folks I deal with are trying to get their heads around the economics of the meshverse paradigm and so I was pulling together some Castronova references when I came across this:

His most important conclusion is that the economic and social consequences of what transpires within these systems is real, and so it doesn’t make any sense to call them virtual worlds. Not virtual reality, not virtual economies, not virtual goods, not virtual interactions. The interactions are real; the goods have value in the real world; the economies work just like the real world and they trade goods, services, and money across borders with real world economies. It’s a real reality and events there have real effects on the inhabitants and everyone else in the same way we can be effected by the weather in the Gulf Coast or a fire or an earthquake in the Far East.

see also TVIR


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