Unofficial Second Life Server

Chicken Little is probably really cranked up now that some folks have managed to build a rudimentary Second Life server. Not only will resident land be devalued, Linden Lab and the entire global economy will collapse … oh wait … maybe we ought to hear it from the horse’s mouth

I don’t see the server that I am working on as having any effect on their business as my server is very basic and will be a long time before it reaches anywhere near the level of theirs. You would also need a big network of them sharing assets/items for it to compete with them. I think the main strength of secondlife is the community and the network of servers sharing the same data, along with a economy. Whereas my server is intended for use as a local sandbox type thing, where a small group of people can get together and try things out. The main reason I’m writing this is for the challenge so I don’t mean any harm to Lindens business.

(emphasis mine)

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