Nanotech Progress

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have created a tiny engine powered by light that can be made to sort molecules.

The device may one day find a role in nano-scale machines.

It emerged from research into similar tiny machines in nature that power well known processes such as photosynthesis.

“It is a machine mechanism that is going to take molecular machines a step forward to the realisation of the future world of nanotechnology,” he said.

Tiny Engine Boosts Nanotech Hopes


Nanotechnology is already being used in cosmetics, computer chips, sunscreens, self-cleaning windows and stain-resistant clothing.

nanoscale science and engineering could have a huge impact on society — comparable to the impact of electricity, the steam engine and the Internet.But quite how, is difficult to predict.

“It a bit like when stone-age man made his wheel asking him to predict the motorway,” he said.

CNN Technology


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