MySpace-Google Unmeshed by eBay?

Apparently the deal between MySpace and Google I mentioned in my Meshverse Ecosystem Survey isn’t final and the issue I raised about being assimilated by Google is part of the problem. Getting the right participants is important but hard – especially for Google and especially in the meshverse. All the partnerships between MySpace, Google and eBay make sense by themselves, but taken together create serious problems. Yet if you’re driven by growth then what can you do? This situation is in many senses

a classic case of what happens when companies take the easier road to growth, which is partnerships, but then one of the partners gets big enough to want to do everything on their own.

ReadWriteWeb: MySpace Love Triangle With Google and eBay

This kind of thing is going to make it really difficult for Google to turn Google Earth/Sketch-Up into a leading meshverse platform. By moving into the realm of open source, Second Life is making itself more attractive to companies like eBay and MySpace who can build brand and value without taking on the burden of developing and maintaining a platform. They mesh well together and search in the meshverse won’t be quite the same as it was on the web. Perhaps the title of this post should have been Handwriting On The Wall For Google?


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