Machinima Mesh

There are some real mass appeal uses for the meshverse that are peeking over the horizon. Some provide a sneak preview of what the meshverse will be like after advanced nanotech arrives in a couple of decade while others are practical right now today. Check out the two mind-bending Second Life videos, one an overlay of actual video described as

… a truly jawdropping application of SL as an architect’s tool, showcasing a prototype revision (created in SL) to a real world building,

New World Notes: Mixed Reality Machinima

These videos show one reason why Google Earth has so much potential as a virtual world environment and also why it has to become inhabitable in order to achieve that potential. Zooming through a virtual representation is one thing, collaborating with others to customize it is as the above-mentioned videos make clear, a completely different experience.

see also Hyperlinking Reality


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  1. Movie Mesh…

    3D in movies will become common place in the not too distant future as more and more theaters are being equipped with 3D using ReadD and Dolby is aiming to provide 3D capabilities for existing movie screens later this year.
    Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief ex…

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