A Second Life for Presidential Campaigns

This report from SLNN is interesting not just because of the politics but also because of how SL can potentially play a role in dealing with various social issues:

    the issue of the so-called digital divide – the fact that, because of cost, access to technology and the internet is basically limited to the wealthier members of society – will be addressed in Edwards’s inworld campaign. “There are so many great services and opportunities that technology offers us today,” said Rote. “But, because of poverty and the digital divide, only those who are already at an advantage get to enjoy the advantages of these new worlds.” In RL, Edwards has campaigned strongly for the use of technology to better the world, and has championed causes that work to eliminate poverty.

    There are other issues that Rote and the Edwards campaign staff believe will translate well to the virtual world of SL. “Homelessness is another big [issue],” Rote commented. “We can use SL to bring attention to the problem of homelessness in America, maybe by giving away virtual homes to residents. It’s a way to engage people and make them consider real problems in a fun way without making light of the seriousness of the problem.” Camp Darfur in SL is an excellent example of how a virtual world can be used to open people’s eyes to problems in a very real way while still keeping them in a relative comfort zone, says Rote.

see also Re-imagining Democracy


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  1. There’s so much more to be considered as we marry our subconscious and conscious minds in virtual space. Activism takes on new forms; there’s a sense that we really CAN do something from our homes. Advocacy is empowered and scripts and tools are coming together that connect people and resources in ways never before imagined. This is happening right before our eyes at places like Camp Darfur, RootsCamp, nonprofits like Care.org and TechSoup/Compumentor that are actively building new constituencies through serious gaming. As someone who greatly benefits from the networks of support created in these environments I thank YOU for helping us to magnetize talent, resources, tools and opportunities.

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