Intermetaverse Group Meeting

I attended this historic meeting earlier today that started out with:

Kaan Tornado: This is the first meeting of Intermetaverse group
Dancoyote Antonelli: what is that?
Kaan Tornado: Intermetaverse group is formed by enthusiasts of metaverse technologies
Dancoyote Antonelli: metaverse as in SL?
Dancoyote Antonelli: of Metaverse as in the other VR engine?
Kaan Tornado: and the group is sharing ideas about integration or interoperability of different metaverse technologies

Kaan Tornado: these technologies are mainly Croquet and SL

Intermeshverse Group

Not many places to go where you find lots of smart and creative people interested in two of my favorite virtual worlds, plus many liked the term meshverse! I’m sure there will be more about Intermeshverse Group for some time to come.


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  1. […] There’s a lot more work and documentation to be done but I’d promised folks at the Intermeshverse Group meeting I’d show demos this week and this is as good a starting point for public discussion so here […]

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