Using The Meshverse To Address Global Warming

Just a few days ago, was talking about Augmented Reality With Croquet, now from the Linden blog I see a post about Augmented Reality that talks about how Second Life can be used to deal with global warming issues:

Gavin Starks from Global Cool commented at Euro FOO that one of the problems with carbon emissions is that no one can see them. By building a HUD and a database mapping SL object Ids to RL carbon costs we could make carbon costs visible in SL and use it to educate people about carbon emissions in RL.

On the one hand, from a coding perspective Croquet is a MUCH better tool for addressing this kind of work, but Second Life is right now easily accssible to a huge body of people and MUCH better supported.  As one of the Croquet architects has recently pointed out, Croquet is a tool for building virtual world environments rather than an environment itself. But this doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. Even without Second Life being open source,  there are ways to mix the two in a solution. This is where the Intermeshverse Group can really have an impact. Stay tuned.


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