Media and the Meshverse

Media expert Jack Myers raises the question of whether established media can afford to ignore Second Life but makes clear his view is no:

… avoiding the implications of Second Life, assuming it’s another game or a passing fad, is akin to ignoring Google and eBay in 1999, MySpace in 2004 and YouTube in 2006.

… I have written that opening up in Second Life is similar to the expansion of companies to China.

Are You a Second Life Believer? Should the TV Networks Be Paying Attention?

Dan Shafer’s comment is that

There is no question in my mind that virtual worlds are more than just A wave of the future; they are THE wave of the future.

Is SL The Next Big Thing? Yes and No

Now Myers also says companies should

realize virtual worlds represent completely new cyber civilizations where future generations will spend countless hours experiencing very “real” virtual lives.

which would make this another TVIR post 🙂 For those who can’t get enough, I’ve added a TVIR category. For folks who still are having trouble getting it or are suffering from relapses, this makes for a more potent cure:

  • subscribe to the TVIR category of The Meshverse Journal
  • say “the virtual is real“ as you read each entry
  • repeat this phrase as frequently as possible
  • then as it gets easier to deal with, say it once a day or as needed.

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  1. Laurence said

    2007 is the year entertainment explodes in Second Life – quotes the very relevant Hollywood Reporter article.

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