See What You Mean

… just saw this video ad for Dassault Systemes best known(to me anyway) for their SolidWorks CAD system – nice! It convinced me to look at their site and I like what their CEO says:

We believe that in the future, all manufactured goods in the world will be digitally defined, engineered, simulated, produced and managed throughout their lifecycle. And we are convinced that the most appropriate vehicle for achieving this is the immediately understandable power of digital 3D.



  1. 3D And Beyond…

    It’s one thing when computer industry people are promoting 3D, quite another when Academy Award winning film producers weigh in. Discussing his upcoming Avatar movie with Business Week, producer James Cameron talks about the future of 3D and beyo…

  2. […] 3D graphics allow us to do incredible visualizations and some believe we will eventually be able to see what exactly we mean. The appeal of powerful simulation/visualization has always been  that it facilitates understanding […]

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