Emerging Meshverse Business Opportunities

Life 2.0 will include resources both in Second Life and on the Web to help developers take advantage of the business opportunities in Second Life.”What is really most impressive about Second Life is that it is the most powerful engine we’ve seen so far for identifying, motivating, training, and maybe even — in the next couple of years — employing.

Life 2.0

This kind of event along with how-to articles like Giving A Powerpoint Presentation in Second Life and books such as Second Life: The Official Guide and Designing Your Second Life are improving Second Life’s chances to be a long term meshverse player. They represent the emergence of a business ecosystem and provide decision-makers with valuable inputs. This is what 4 million – make that 4.5 million registrations helps to catalyze. I expect to see rapid movement in this direction with Croquet whose development community has been growing since 2003 and now has an open source foundation which meshes industry and education together.

The Life 2.0 link above also notes:

… Second Life is a fertile ground for software development, although the developers in SL aren’t currently working on mainstream business applications such as accounting systems. Rather, they’re working on gaming, cinema, interactive entertainment, fashion, music, and the plastic arts.

Croquet will likely grow by bridging this gap between mainstream business solutions and the 3D interface. Few people are aware of the fact that Croquet technology is already being used in serious commercial applications. It also benefits from the long history and wealth of books and reference material its Squeak Smalltalk roots provides as well as the small but active commercial Smalltalk community. Consider what people are saying about DabbleDB, the Squeak-based online application building solution:

Every so often I get asked ‘what is the latest hot app’ and after using DabbleDB I have a new answer to that question. DabbleDB is a platform that allows you to create applications online using a web interface. The sort of applications you would create and then use are what most of us normally hack together in a spreadsheet or using some other database application that is often complex. … When I look at all the spreadsheets that I have, I could throw all of them away except for my pure financial spreadsheets and have the rest of that information on DabbleDB within applications that I create myself. It would be a richer experience and give me more options, and I am then able to invite other people in to view this data as well as access it from anywhere. I don’t see the limit to the type of applications that can be built on DabbleDB, from complex project management applications through to the simplest contacts database.

Industry pundit Dave Winer read this review, looked and said:

One of the most significant demos at Under the Radar. FileMaker for 2006, running as an AJAX web app. What Office Live should have been.

The Squeak-based Sophie project is aiming to do the same kind of thing for digital media. Hmmm, imagine Croquet worlds where DabbleDB and Sophie connect to Second Life’s economic infrastructure(virtual currency transactions, exchange and classifieds) – what a mesh!


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