Reloaded Again and Again(is anyone counting?)

Although Julian Lombardi’s Metaverse Scalability(be sure to follow the links he provides) probably stings a bit for hard core SL folk, most won’t give up on it anytime soon(nearly half a million logged in last week). As business opportunities continue to emerge, the folks at Linden Labs already are adapting and in the end many of their problems will get solved via interoperability with Croquet :-). Their momentum coupled with the long term vision of their board and the likelihood that eBay and/or Amazon will become major participants should prevent any sort of total meltdown. However, these scalability issues will prevent them from turning their early lead into a dominant IBM/Microsoft/AOL/Google position in the meshverse paradigm. This is a good thing IMO. That a major paradigm can emerge without a monoculture is promising in many respects. Having seen so much good time and energy get spent on battles that only benefitted a few, I welcome the idea of a diverse meshverse ecosystem.


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