Believe In You

Some traditional media like Time Magazine and the NY Times got this message last year, but Viacom apparently still hasn’t. Ron Teitelbaum points out that the “you” message has also been lost on most groupware/collaboration vendors:

 Groupware today is painful. Yeah it kind of works, but participants quickly learn its limitations. The experience leaves much to be desired. The major piece that is missing from most group collaborations and presentations is you.

QWAQ puts you back in the picture. This is not presentation software, it is not powerpoint, or VNC. This is a real virtual world where you are represented, have control over your actions, can drag information off your computer and place it in a secure virtual world for all your co-workers to see. You can share applications, build 2d and 3d simulations, go off and have a private conversation, do whatever you like.

The Weekly Squeak


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