Shift Accelerates

The State of the News Media Report is out. With over 700 pages this is a lot of info to consume. However, the web site does a nice job structuring the information and providing multiple access paths. The Executive Summary is excellent plus each section of every chapter can be viewed or printed individually  as  well. I think the first few sentences of the intro do their job well:

The pace of change has accelerated.

In the last year, the trends reshaping journalism didn’t just quicken, they seemed to be nearing a pivot point.

On Madison Avenue, talk has turned to whether the business model that has financed the news for more than a century — product advertising — still fits the way people consume media.

With audiences splintering across ever more platforms, nearly every metric for measuring audience is now under challenge as either flawed or obsolete — from circulation in print, to ratings in TV, to page views and unique visitors online.

MediaShift at PBS has some worthwhile commentary and links including this gem:

From Greg Jarboe at Search Engine Watch : “Among the news nuggets in the 160,000-word report is this: ‘The press is no longer gatekeeper over what the public knows. Journalists have reacted relatively slowly. They are only now beginning to re-imagine their role. Their companies failed to see “search” as a kind of journalism.’”

I’m not supposed to say anything about this yet so I won’t actually say it 🙂 but there are companies today that are failing to see ******** as a kind of search platform and ******** as a kind of advertising.


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