Corporate Alarm Clock

There was a time when even talking about PC’s inside an enterprise was taboo. Many of you are young enough to remember when people questioned whether the web was relevant to big business. Ditto for blogging. Although oversleeping usually proves costly for many, change is hard – even this corporate alarm clock seems a bit sluggish:

Our inclination would have been that the corporate world is not ready to deal with each other in 3D World but that premise has partially been proven wrong by the success of Second Life among corporations. Plus there is the din of complaints about Webex so suits might be interested in a cool alternative.

alarm:clock: Virtual World Burn-outs Go All Corporate With Qwaq

If you’re inside large corporate walls or your business is dependent on large entities don’t let the nay sayers blindfold your vision – as shift hits the fan you’ll be able to benefit from having been awake.


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