Identity Mesh

The ability to have a single id for signing on to any network service has reached critical mass for developers large and small via OpenID. This is HUGE – a big win for everyone eventually. Marc Canter captures a key part of it:

OH MY GOD! What a historic day! Congrats to all – I’m totally jazzed about these developments! …

Its gonna take some serious, adult strength ID management code (from Microsoft, IBM, Novell and other interested entities) combined with our user-centric community to make this all happen. I just don’t see a bunch of small startups pulling this off. So this is one case where large companies participating in open standards evolution – as a good thing.

What we have right now is that the large companies are listening to us about privacy, governance, entitlement, attribute exchange and interop – we’ve made huge strides. So lets enjoy this moment – now that it’s a proven fact that disparate ID systems can work together in a meta-identity environment.

Uniting ID Systems Together

Here at the Meshverse Journal, people have always been key but OpenId is even bigger than Marc is conveying because of how it will ultimately mesh with the places, things and events people care about(Power To The Peers and other posts from last year on playing and diplomacy). I strongly recommend taking the time to listen to or watch The Future of OpenID presentation by Simon Willison. The slides are available and Suw Charman’s notes are very good, but the video really is the way to get the most out of it. If at some point you feel it’s not for you, that it’s about to get too technical, wait 45 seconds and it you’ll see something worth continuing for. If you think you don’t have time, consider all the time you’ll save trying to remember passwords and creating new accounts! The sooner you learn about it the sooner you’ll start receiving the benefits. Besides, OpenID is for YOU because it puts you in control of YOUr online identity .



  1. Laurence said

    see also Wikipedia on OpenID

  2. csven said

    Listening to the mp3 now, thanks. I’m especially interested in OpenID and how it could integrate with smart objects and a freakonomics-style approach to commerce.

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