Virtual Worlds 2007 – We Need Better Interoperability

First Question from Daniel Terdiman: What stage is the industry at?Sibley: Very early stage — companies are making exploratory moves but its not core to their businessChris Collins: Growth is amazing

Prentice: Same as Internet in mid 90’s but inability to move from one world to another is the major inhibitor to growth.

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The answer is evolving and OpenId is playing a key role – stay tuned.


Many people recognize this need for interoperability:

The idea behind “Metaverse interoperability“ is to allow different “Metaverses” to talk to each other, which would, for instance, allow to have Croquet spaces to talk to SecondLife, etc.
The importance of this becomes clear, when you remember the bad old times, when there were different, incompatible email systems and sending emails between them was either impossible or required finding some kind of gateway (this situation still exists in Instant Messaging systems).

Murphee’s Rant



  1. csven said

    A 3D format capable of handling everything from current polymesh data to parametric, history-based “solid” CAD formats is what I’d like to see. Imagine taking a CAD file into an online virtual world like Second Life and doing an FEA while avatars are *using* the virtual model.

    Transportation designs where avatars use the virtual model while I’m collecting not just UI information, but fluid dynamics data as well.

    This is what I want.

    Wish I hadn’t strayed so far from my aerospace roots. If I were currently capable, this is what I’d be pursuing; this kind of interoperability that would be the common denominator for all “Metaverses” as well as offline 3D systems.

  2. Laurence said

    +1 … aerospace is near and dear to my heart, but I’ve not been working in it either. However, if I’d have stayed tightly focused in aerospace, there’d be a whole set of skills I’d be without rather than rusty on – ok very rusty in some cases 🙂 Besides, now that we can mix things back into the simulation who says we can’t go back to our roots? 😉

  3. csven said

    Well, I am just now in the process of trying to get back to those roots. I didn’t want to say it simply because I’m the first to admit I’m easily distracted by all the other shiny things going on out there; so many fields are doing exciting things right now.

    Convergence can be a bitch for the undisciplined like me.

  4. […] already important issue of interoperability is raised to another level in this post about the upcoming Lego virtual world Having a generational […]

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