Sim Citizen

Last year, before starting the Meshverse Journal,  I wrote about the impact simulations will have on the political process:

 Eventually,  When live simulation/holodeck environments like Croquet are the norm, we’ll be able to have truely informed citizens.

Sim City Life: Why We Need Croquet 

Darius says something similar with a more detailed description in a short, thoughtful post in response to the same Jon Udell post I recently quicklinked. A couple of choice excerpts:

Beyond what Jon Udell describes as citizen ads and citizen analysis lies citizen simulations.

My thinking suggests that our society is moving toward simulations of what candidates adn organizations propose can be accomplished and what evidence they have and the dynamic principles in play (data, data sources, logical reasonings, and calculations) that affect it.

…  Simulations can be explored at whatever level of detail a citizen is comfortable with, and they can still come away with a useful understanding of what’s at risk.

… Simulations might tell us what we know, but more importantly, might tell us what we really don’t know. We may have to make decisions on a hunch, or a hunch provided by the wisdom of the crowds. But, we should know that it’s a hunch.

… Perhaps we are our data and our data becomes us.

Gone and Arrived Back Again – with the Tale for You: Simulations and Self Governance


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