Funding Mesh

In the meshverse, shift happens for everybody:

In October, as startup Jaxtr hit up venture capital firms for its first round of funding, it landed an unusual arrangement.

… What put Jaxtr in the driver’s seat is a turnabout in traditional roles for angel investors and venture capitalists. Venture capitalists are responding to the emergence in recent years of what have come to be known as super-angel investors, who sink multimillion-dollar investments into Web startups and other tech companies, often carrying them further into their life span before they knock on VCs’ doors. Professional angels and boutique angel funds have been a driving force behind emerging Web companies including Kevin Rose’s Digg and Revision3, Marc Andreessen’s Ning, search engine Powerset, and online music site, to name a few

… If the trend holds up, it could give Web entrepreneurs more choices about how they structure their companies and spark innovation. That’s if the VCs and super-angels don’t trip over each other as they compete for access.

VCs Aim to Out-Angel the Angels


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