Interface Mesh

Speaking about a very cool, tangible music mixer, Richard Banks says in a trends post:

No doubt we’ve seen quite a few attempts to mesh MIDI with, um, just about everything,Beat Blocks melds wood and MIDI in rhythmic harmony – Engadget

This reminds me that

… the Meshverse(which is more than a 3D web) will subsume text-based stuff and then transform it. This is already happening in Second Life as the Mozilla based uBrowser technology brings web pages in world as functional decoration on the surfaces of 3D objects. When there’s a need to scroll through traditional text we’ll zoom full screen onto a window. This is just an evolutionary twist on maximize/minimize controls and the Dock(Mac) or Task Bar(Windows). Over time, we’ll see less and less text and most images will be snapshots of 3D models. There will also be more functional sound and Tangible User Interfaces(TUI). Text will remain but in a secondary, support role.

End of The Text Based Internet

See also: Simulation


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  1. […] Wearing The Meshverse April 13, 2009 Posted by Laurence in Uncategorized. trackback MIT’s Sixth Sense project provides a $350 wearable device containing a smart phone, tracking camera and projector to provide a Minority Report-like interface to the meshverse using any surface. Siftables, a related MIT project has a music app near the end similar to the one I mentioned in Interface Mesh. […]

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