Celebrating Scripting News!

Having already credited Dave for predicting the meshverse, I’m happy to see notable folk recognizing the contributions he’s made:

Yesterday, Dave Winer celebrated the 10th anniversary of Scripting News, his seminal and enormously influential blog at scripting.com. Dave co-created or popularized of a broad range of blogging technologies — from RSS to podcasting to blogging itself.So this week, in honor of Dave’s milestone, we’re going to talk about some of the people who’ve been tinkering with blogging and personal social media for a decade. We invite you to think back to 1997, as many of these seminal sites were just getting started, and try to imagine the breadth of changes they brought to the web in the years that followed. In fact, in just the few years after the founding of sites like Scripting News, blogging had gone from an unnamed or even nebulous concept to helping form a nascent community and then to becoming fundamental evolution of the social web.

Six Apart – News and Events: Thanks, Dave!

I remember 1997 very well since it was then that I made a prediction about the emergence of both the 3D social network and 4D aspects of the meshverse. I ran into Dave a bit then and had been following DaveNet from the beginning. I’d met Dave 7 or 8 years before that(our paths seem to cross every 7 years or so) and he’s always come across to me as a very decent human being who genuinely cares about people. Now that hasn’t kept either of us from irritating each other on occasion but I’ve never felt like he was being negative towards me. Dave’s just passionate about what he believes will be helpful. I know for sure I’ve had more positive interaction than disconnects and a lot of problems don’t get addressed because we don’t have enough Dave’s committed to solving them even if it pisses a few folk off. People who try to downplay Dave’s contribution to the state of blogging today are either mis-informed or are wrestling with something else.  I followed the development of blogging – first hand in many cases and was on the advisory board at CNET’s Web Builder conference along with Peter Merholz who coined the short form ‘blog‘. In the early days of blogging Dave was one of(sometimes the only) visible, can-do voices pushing it into the mainstream. I’ve yet to see a viable history of blogging that pushes Dave to the side. Whether people like it or not, Dave had a big impact. All of us who are benefiting from blogging could stand to give him a little love for Scripting News. I for one am glad he didn’t retire early.


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