Getting Inside The Simulation

People have been experimenting with novel ways to interact with computers since before the first PC. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, virtual reality research found it’s way into public mind through a series of books and movies. However, the technology needed to deploy convincing, deeply immersive simulations was far too expensive for anyone except the military. PC graphics and network connections were just too slow. That has changed and between video games and Second Life, a market for innovative interface devices is emerging. Recently, there’s been some interesting discussions in the Croquet commmunity about a number of exciting interface projects and products. Here are a few tasty links, images, and videos of ways that get humans inside the meshverse:

This video of the Logitech Orbit webcam has some nice effects which let you augment your appearance with graphics or place your facial expressions on avatars.

This mixed reality image speaks for itself.


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