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Trevor Smith over at the very cool Ogoglio meshverse-in-a-browser project, took some new Croquet avatars Mark McCahill and the Croquet folks at University of Minnesota recently created and put them into his world saying “One of the advantages of using open formats and open licenses is that projects can share resources.” Looking at the avatars Ogoglio already had, the idea of bringing them into Croquet came up. In discussions about this the question of open avatar project was posed – is there one? A quick look says there was a domain name and others are currently thinking about it:

I mention avatars quite a bit here because I think they are really important and are rapidly becoming pervasive. Perhaps they should be linked to OpenID? 3D avatars probably ought to have a 2D representation since people may want to bring their identity everywhere. I should note that we don’t mean open in this sense. 🙂



  1. […] and Second Life have shared avatars, now Croquet and Ogoglio are sharing avatars – this is […]

  2. csven said

    Portable avatars linked to OpenID works for me.

  3. Augmenting Avatars… and People…

    Last night I read on The Meshverse blog (Link) that Trevor Smith reported getting some Open Croquet avatars into Ogoglio (Link). Rozier asks whether avatars (and I assume he means portable avatars) should be linked into OpenID. I kinda figure this is …

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  5. We’re also gathering open licensed models in standard formats for use in new metaverse projects:

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