All Around The World, Same Meme!

I’m happy to say that Csven Johnson has put The Meshverse Journal on his “5 Blogs That Make Me Think” list. His comments are flattering and encouraging:

The Meshverse Journal – This is a recent addition to my blog roll and if I could choose only one “virtual technology” blog to read, this would currently be it. I don’t doubt I’m going to learn a lot from reading this blog over the next year. There are others, but I don’t know of any that makes me feel so unprepared.

A Thinking Meme

Wow – thanks! It’s always nice when people link and subscribe to your blog, but this is special because giving folk something to think about is precisely why I write the MJ. The pace has been a bit slower here lately because I’m swamped with meshverse implementation work, but things like this are motivating so I’m going to make another level of effort.

I’m going to spread this meme and hopefully others will too(see the Thinking Blogger Awards page). There are many of blogs I find informative, but fewer that really get me thinking. Even so 5 is really short. However, since I do have more than one blog, I suppose I can legitimately make more than one list. I’ll have to think about that but in the meantime, relative to the meshverse here’s a mix of “5 blogs that make me think”

  1. Gwyneth Llewelyn – Second Life
  2. Jon’s Place – A.I, robots and Squeak programming
  3. Jon Udell – IT industry
  4. Julian Lombardi – Croquet
  5. Marc Canter – Social Networking

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