Quantum Mesh

Dealing with people, places, things and events converging electronically, one inevitably encounters the seemingly strange realm of quantum physics. While many find it convenient to say quantum phenomena have no real connection to the world of humans, but between implants and quantum computing people will likely become more and more entangled(pun intended) with the world of the quantum. For the impatient, there’s an easy way to get started now:

Quantum effects are most evident when tiny systems are involved, such as electrons held within the confines of an atom. You might know in the abstract that quantum phenomena underlie most modern technologies and that various quantum oddities can be demonstrated in laboratories, but the only way to see them in the home is on science shows on television. Right? Not quite.We will show you how to set up an experiment that illustrates what is known as quantum erasure. This effect involves one of the oddest features of quantum mechanics–the ability to take actions that change our basic interpretation of what happened in past events.

A Do-It-Yourself Quantum Eraser — [ PHYSICS ]: Scientific American


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