Hacking Reality

While I don’t agree with the limited definition put forward by the folks at Total Immersion

Augmented Reality is the use of live video imagery which is digitally processed and “augmented” by the addition of interactive 3D graphic objects.

they do have some cool technology(see the video from the DEMO Conference) and video is a very important reality augmentation technology. It’s similar to what you see in the MJ entry Getting Inside The Simulation and here today – there’s just more to reality augmentation than video. While there are clearly very valuable uses like this education application, it’s worth considering the impact it will have on how we define reality when what we see/sense can be hacked:

When this technology gets more and more advanced, I think it has the potential to get really crazy. Like if it was really interlaced with and filtering your sensory data, there would just be stuff you wouldn’t see anymore at all. People & places might disappear. You might be also able to filter out ideological messages you didn’t agree with, shit like that. You’d be able to live in your own little world. Imagine you could even “skin” people and places digitally. Maybe instead of seeing 21st NYC, you would see ancient Rome. Maybe instead of seeing me, you would see a gorgeous blonde swimsuit model. And noone would be the wiser. Reality would then become only what was broadcast on a public frequency, and everyone would be constantly trying to hack it.

How Augmented Reality Will  “Really” Work


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