Concert Mesh

What makes this Denver concert different is that it is also being simulcast in the popular virtual world Second Life. Again, by itself that’s nothing unheard of. Suzanne Vega and Ben Folds performed in avatar form in Second Life last year. … it’s an attempt to merge the three platforms–live, Internet and virtual world–into one common experience. Why? Because with CD sales falling like a rock and digital revenue not yet making up the difference, live events could be the music “product” of the future, sparking a flurry of innovation around ways to profit from it.”Normally when you simulcast something, (fans) only see one platform–the one (they are) viewing,” said Farook Singh, whose company Tantra World Wide conceived of and produced the Denver event. “But the goal here is to be totally seamless between three platforms.”

Concerts get ‘Second Life’ on Internet | CNET


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