3D Search – How Long Will Google Wait?

Aside from illustrating how and why 2D will be assimilated by 3D, a new product called SpaceTime steps into Google space. SpaceTime is

 a new browser, free to download and use, that presents Web pages and search results as floating slabs that can be flipped through, organized, and navigated in 3-D. The graphics concepts are similar to those found in “first-person shooter” video games, in which players navigate an immersive virtual environment. But instead of shooting monsters, SpaceTime users can “fly” through search results such as Web pages, pictures, and eBay auction items.Technology Review: 3-D Web Surfing from SpaceTime



  1. csven said

    I started playing with this last night. What I found odd was that my rig can run HL2 Episode 1 with no issues, but Spacetime told me on start-up that my system was bare minimum. Something wrong there.

    That said, what little functionality I was allowed (apparently I can’t rotate the individual screens as shown in the demo movies on the site) gave me a good idea of what a 3D browser might look like with frames from different e-commerce sites selling 3D geometry.

  2. Hello…actually you can rotate the SpaceTime scene to any viewpoint you can imagine. Simply use the up, down, left and right arrows. Or, you can use the right-click menu to change your Movement preference from a list of choices.

    Regarding the message screen at the beginning, this is only an informative message letting you know what the minimum is. Because this is a new application, SpaceTime tells end users.

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