Virtual World Futures

In the next 3-9 months, at least two major players (Google, IBM, Microsoft, etc.), in addition to Sony Home, will launch their own virtual worlds to compete with Second Life. They will differ from one another, but each will be a walled garden in the sense that they will not interoperate with one another or other worlds.

Christian Renaud’s Weblog: Look into the ball and tell me what you see…….

This is an interesting post and comments for folks wondering how the evolution of the meshverse will play out. Encountered this in commentary on Second Life’s evolving architecture on my more tech oriented blog.



  1. Khepera said

    Looking at two keys in recent posts, one might extend the hw/sw differential by applying it to the virtual world medium itself. As 2nd Life & other ventures become more ‘crystallized’ in their presentation/function, it will be software ‘devices’ which bridge the artificial ‘fences between the gardens. These would provide a single sw functional platform for interoperability. Hopefully, we can learn some principle lessons from the parallel cycle in PC platform development.

    When we apply the PARC Place paradigm of removing restraints, then these sw ‘devices’ woud become our virtual ‘cars’, taking us from one town to the next, without having to change cars or learn a new way to drive. Sounds so simple…

  2. Laurence said

    Given that that key innovations at PARC had happened by 1976, this simple matter of software has been a long time coming!

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