Mesh Belief Part I – Sim 9/11

A “scientifically accurate” simulation of the World Trade Center with a visually rich animation has been created.

The animated video was produced by Voicu Popescu, an assistant professor of computer science at Purdue, who created a translator application that takes the data from the scientific simulation and creates a 3-D animation. According to Popescu, the translator is scalable and can be used for other simulations.

The crashes and computer models you often see on television are not scientifically accurate,” according to Popescu. “This provides an alternative that is useful to the non-expert but is also scientifically accurate, so it provides a more realistic picture of the event.”

Purdue University

Some people believe that the World Trade Center towers collapsed from an explosion created by government. Others think the idea is an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory. Regardless, having a scientifically accurate simulation of it is helpful for everyone right? Well unless it disproves a belief – what then to do? Would you change your belief based on a simulation?


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  1. […] forward in time. Now it’s just a simulation but previously discussed here on the MJ, detailed simulations can be very  persuasive – even to the point of becoming indistinguishable from reality. If that seems a bit […]

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