Slowly But Surely …

There’s evidence that the TVIR meme is replicating. Although people are still asking whether the virtual is real, the answers are inching closer to the right conclusion. The Read/Write Web covered a panel at the recent Supernova conference entitled Virtual Life or Virtual Hype?

The brief description in the program was:

“Do most people really want to immersed in 3D virtual worlds? And what are the real business benefits of these massively multiplayer environments? This session will examine which activities will migrate to virtual environments and when physical forms will continue to dominate.”

The panel all agreed that looking at Korea as an example, as the ‘young generation’ grows up and infrastructure is built out, there should be just as vibrant a market in the US. In other words, the panel all seemed to agree that it was not hype.

There are many reasons why 3D is a good means of dealing with information. The first and really most compelling is that our senses are a very advanced 3D virtual world rendering system. We’ve all been working in 3D since we were born – it’s impossible not to since the world we live in is 3D. Galaxies and atoms cluster in 3D. The Myoglobin protein that makes meat red has as all proteins do, a 3D structure:


Some programmers prefer abstractions and they along with many writers will lament the end of the text dominated web. However, the iPhone, Wii and other touch interfaces coupled with multimedia will eventually be the norm. These approaches mesh well with how our natural, biological virtual world processing system enable our minds to interface with the so-called “real” world. If you’re having trouble dealing with this, here’s an updated, more potent cure for VR Syndrome(the chronic inability to accept that reality is a virtual world):

  • say “the virtual is real
  • repeat this phrase as frequently as possible
  • then as it gets easier to deal with, say it once a day or as needed.
  • Read Touching The Meshverse
  • Subscribe to the TVIR category of the MJ
  • Go to your nearest neighbor or electronics store and play with the Wii
  • 🙂

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