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“Part of it is the fascination with Apple’s products and how well they design them, but it’s also about how poor the design in software is in cell phones now, and how much time Apple has spent working on this.”… Apple’s iPhone commercials show a finger swiping the touch screen display to activate the home menu, and with one tap on the photo icon, up pops your photos. Another icon zips over to your contacts.

Not a drop-down menu in sight.

“A few handset makers have been trying to make the phone simpler without having to refer to a manual that’s 18 times the size of the phone,” said Richard Doherty, president of The Envisioneering Group, a research company. “But Apple is going for the moon here.”

…Stillman says the best iPhone features appear to be the simple access to Google Inc.’s online maps and route directions and the intuitive user interface, which allows for easy scrolling through a contact list, fast searches through photo albums and quick callback for missed calls and recently dialed numbers.

Also, instead of just listening to voicemail in the order received, Apple has created what it calls “visual voicemail” for iPhone, an innovative way to see the list of voice messages so users could quickly choose the one they want to hear.

“The software is going to sell this phone — it’s going to be so easy and obvious and will correct a lot of problems in other phones,” said Stillman, who was waiting for Apple’s flagship retail store in San Francisco to open Friday morning to do some shopping. “Other phones — even Blackberries — can do a million things but you can’t figure out how to do anything on them.”

Apple is promoting how easy it is to surf the Web on the iPhone.

Accessing the Web from a cell phone has improved over the years as carriers have installed faster data networks, but the experience of surfing the Internet, or completing tasks like pulling up Google Maps is still not as easy as it should be,

Prepare for the iPhone ‘revolution’ –


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