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Major news today related to a discussion on last week’s iShop post where I said

the cost of 3D printers and related technologies have been dropping. Something coming from a Fabjectory, Xardas or one of their customers could be a catalyst.

People like being able to make their own – whatever, whenever. Today I see that Dassault the “see what you mean” folk I really like, have teamed up with a global branding/marketing company Publicis to create 3DSwym based on the idea that

… successful marketing must include the co-generation of products and services with consumers themselves, for which a networked 3D digital environment is perfectly adapted.

Although I doubt that the 3DSwym browser plug-in will ever become ubiquitous, I agree with the 3PointD folks that it’s pretty significant because

… the global reach and sway of these companies could well help drive things in a more co-creative direction. » Blog Archive » Publicis and Dassault Dive In for a 3dswym

The vision of customer collaboration underlying 3DSwym sets it apart from others like Viewpoint whose browser plug-in once powered Adobe’s Atmosphere virtual world platform before they killed the product. I expect that Viewpoint which has some major brands as customers, will adopt this co-creation outlook though they’d have to partner with a CAD vendor to match Dassault. While both Viewpoint and 3DSwym are proprietary products that will be difficult to get into the mainstream in this era of open source, 3DSwym will appeal to some very important niches that will expand the desktop fabrication market. It could nudge Adobe to re-enter this space and/or attract a Google or Microsoft. It will certainly help world changing ideas like RepRap take gain traction.


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  1. csven said

    I believe 3DSwym is tied to this:

    Also, there’s news on the Catia front. New architecture, lower prices, and integrated SubD modeling.

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